Richard describes ‘metaphforms’ as an original writing style with text rich in metaphor, expressed in unique visual forms, embodying an organic relationship between text and image.

The book demonstrates the metaphform style with sub-images and themes to be found and pondered within the main images, all related to the text. The image associated with this blog post is a composite of many iterations of an individual poem, Glimpses, which is itself a metaphform. The composition offers new meaning, derived from and extending the original. In this case, as the first illustration to the main body of the book, it stands as the boundary gate to the mind – a portcullis – and here it is closed. It reminds us of boundaries and the need to protect ourselves; also that we need respect for the inner world of others – and not to go barging in!

The writing style is somewhere between prose and poetry. As intricately shaped poetry, it demonstrates a rich synthesis of multiple embedded images, parallel meanings, and the use of negative space, with a wealth of congruence between the symbolism of image and significance of text.

Each piece and its artwork is different from the others, while themes and repeating motifs throughout the book develop into an integral whole. Becoming and wholeness are major themes of the book.

The many images woven into and ornamenting the work are a vital, architectural part of the whole. They model a personal space needed for developing the psychological fabric of resistance, dignity, reflection, self-discovery, expression and expansion, in a world where intense pressures frequently defy a healthy state of mind.

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