The pieces in the book are woven from the spools of life’s inner challenges and the mind’s creative capacity to deal with them. There are streams running though it, covering a wide variety of topics, to be discovered and explored. The reader is invited to dive in to the intertwined verbal and visual world of the book – and themselves – to engage with their own experience and process.

Main themes include:

  • identity, authenticity and becoming
  • annihilation, fragmentation and woundedness
  • resurgence, healing and wholeness

Some other threads are:

  • concealment, discovery; facing pain
  • the labour of therapy; the therapist
  • love, compassion, truth and mystery
  • growth, decay and transformation
  • cycles, waves, rhythm and music
  • energy, power and vibrancy
  • embodied mind and soul, embodied process
  • the cellular and universal
  • individuality, diversity, commonality and connectedness
  • light and dark, opposites and inversions, (a)symmetry
  • space, shape, boundaries, freedom
  • creativity, play, intuition, unfamiliar resources of the mind
  • melding and resonance of written word and image

Presents of Mind is available from the author or from this link: