The final illustration on the back page of Presents of Mind is an image that looks rather like a signature, in writing which has been made from imagery, itself made of words, words which carry image as metaphor – a summation of the cyclic process that forms the interplay between nested words and images and words again that characterises my work.

It’s meant to be a little mysterious; it makes a link, leading like a dash to the next book, which forms a complementary pair with this book.

I called it ‘Flourish’ because, like a cluster of uncurling tendrils, it is expanding and venturing forwards and outwards – expressing the heart of this book: the personal and universal yearning to grow in wholeness, fullness, vibrancy and freedom.


Presents of Mind is available from the author or from this link: https://www.etsy.com/uk/listing/625378395/presents-of-mind-unique-shaped-poetry



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