I am delighted and grateful for the response and reviews that readers have given Presents of Mind!

Accord Extra magazine
Accord Extra, which is the on-line magazine section of the Association of Christian Counsellors and Pastoral Care UK, wrote a 2-page spread in June 2019, including a reproduction of the text from the poem “Glimpses through the Mist”. The reviewer concludes,
an opportunity to see flashes of where God is doing a new thing, for someone God loves.
The book doesn’t mention any particular faith or religion; it’s interesting that the reader has picked up on a spiritual layer to the poetry.
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Brilliant and beautiful book
13 January 2019

This beautiful and brilliant book harnesses the richness and power of poetic imagination and metaphform to illustrate the depths of the therapeutic journey from emotional and mental pain to restoration and wholeness. A stunning piece of artistic creativity, it is incredibly articulate and expressive and brimming with honour and compassion, displaying a reverence for the healing work of the mind and soul, and compassion for the broken which goes beyond the ordinary. The metaphform design, each poem inhabiting a shape which reflects and expresses its inherent meaning, facilitates discovery and enhances understanding, and adds further artistry to the beauty of this work.

I find this book breath-taking in depth and profundity, and movingly and hauntingly beautiful. This is a book to return to again and again, to plunge its depths, each time discovering new pearls of thought and expression. I have found some of this poetry to be so profound and inspirational it has taken up residence in my heart and mind, I feel sure it will enhance my therapeutic relationships as I go forward. This is a book to replenish the soul and inspire and uplift the heart. It offers understanding, hope and light to those in pain, and inspires deeper clarity and compassion for those who walk with them on their journey of recovery.

Hidden – and overt – depths; this is a book to treasure.
1 September 2018

Beautiful, beautiful book. I found myself so caught up in the poetry that I had to read it out loud – and each page’s imagery rewards revisiting it time and time again. Hidden – and overt – depths; this is a book to treasure.

2 September 2018

Stunning, both the poems and the pictures. I found the poetry deep and meaningful and I love the images created from it. I have thoroughly enjoyed my emotional journey through this book.

11 November 2018

I am priveledged to have a paper copy. From a moment you hold a book in your hands it is already talking to all your senses. The poetry is fluid and deeply meaningful, the images are evoking you imagination. The book is taking you to a profound journey to discovery your inner beauty.

“Presents of Mind” takes you on a deep journey
5 September 2018

“Presents of Mind” is a book whose beauty of presentation is not an elegant design extra, but is fundamental to the interaction reader and poet. The images that are made of the words, and the words flowing out of the images speak together to both mind and senses, with a force that neither could alone. I was almost frightened by the intensity of my reactions to this book.

“Presents of Mind” takes you on a deep journey; this is not light reading. But if you are prepared to open yourself to the dangers of self-awareness, then it is a very rewarding book. As well as a beautiful one.

22nd September 2018

Looking and reading melt together, and yet so many details stand out and open out like a flower blossoming, and one becomes immersed in a unique mixture of visual beauty, intense feeling and deep poetry.